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College Admission Essays

  • December 9, 2021 6:18 PM +06


    Your college admission essays papers are vital to gaining a place at the college of your dreams but also play an important role in obtaining scholarship awards. It is essential that you take a lot of time and effort ensuring that you have the best possible college admission application and there are a number of key points to consider that you can use to help write my essay. These are:


    • High School Grades
    • SAT or ACT Scores
    • SAT II Scores
    • AP Courses and Test Scores
    • College Essays
    • Extracurricular activities


    Every school places a different emphasis on these factors when they are reviewing a college admission application. Obviously you are not going to know exactly which of them are given the most weight in your college admission application but if you try to make each one as strong as possible then you will have a better chance of success.


    Your high school grades, SAT and ACT scores are all important for your college admission essays success. Obviously you cannot do more than your best but if you can show that you have made a steady improvement over your high school years then this will also be taken into consideration by the college admission assessors, even if you do not score top marks in everything. Read


    Advanced Placement (AP) tests and courses are high school courses that cover college material and are a good way to make your college admission application stand out from the rest. Some students who take AP courses actually earn college credit while still in high school which will certainly give your college admission forms an edge. Talk to your college advisor at school and discuss if taking an AP test would benefit your college admission application.


    College admission essays are an extremely important part of the college admission process and you should spend time researching the best ways to write the essay. There are plenty of websites and books available that can give you guidance about writing your college essay and a number even have samples of actual college admission essays to show you which ones were successful, and which ones weren’t.


    Many colleges place a lot of emphasis on a prospective student’s extracurricular activities, especially if they are reviewing a lot of similar college admission applications. If you take part in activities that demonstrate your enthusiasm and dedication or leadership qualities then these will all help your college admission application.


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