Question and Answer

Humanity is developing rapidly. And everything that was created by human being is evolutioning rapidly as well. More new opportunities and markets for all that man has created are emerging. No one have thought that a usual combination of letters can cost money. No one knew then that such thing as domain would appear. But today, for example, the domain has been sold for 16 million dollars. And the whole profitable company has been acquired for this price. domain was purchased for $ 9,999,950 (year of sale: 2008), - $ 7,500,000 (year of sale: 2006). No one would have thought that it would become possible to buy real goods on virtual money. Man has learned to not transfer money from hand to hand, but do it through the entire continents using electricity. And now mankind knows way more, even how to shop without leaving home, just by using the Internet. Nowadays it has become possible to present flowers, to please and upset, to arrive and go away in the virtual world. Maybe today is not clear for everybody, as the idea of a cellphone transmitting voice and images used to be unclear once. Why should we buy a number? What is ID card system on for? Why should you communicate with people from other countries, if you do not know the language? is a new form of investment. it is a system of mutual payments . It is a platform of searching of future opportunities. This is a whole world of different people from different countries with different capabilities. Publicity houses and well-known newspapers and magazines are disappearing from our everyday life. They move into the virtual world. Now a lot of things have become virtual - shops, cinemas, newspapers, magazines, books, travelling, letters .... Man has created a new world, and it is called a virtual world. And there are a lot of things that remain unclear and unfamiliar in this world. Together with that in this world we have unlimited possibilities. Hence in the virtual world we must have same things that we have in real. People post their pictures, decorate their wallpapers, create their comfort, find friends, and do their routine ... We are living in the virtual world! Therefore, is a true reality. Just learn to feel time. Learn to understand it. - It is possible to Live there!
  • What is it? Another social network?
    No it is not a social network! It is a network of global harmony and mutual implementation between users of system, which creates a new platform for communication and financial relations between users. System, where every man is the guarantor himself, as well as the bank, an accountant, controller of his finance and payments, as well as all activities on the site. This is a portal for registration and issuance of ID Card with elements of social networking. is a resource that will be integrated into various systems in future, e.g. internet shopping, social networks, forums, chat rooms, communities ... in order to facilitate the passage of the registration process.
  • “Global harmony and mutual implementation” – what does it mean?
    Global harmony is the process of rational or irrational choice, aimed at achieving а reportable results, that is, decision-making in the absence of principal objection of majority of stakeholders, the decision by consent without a vote, if nobody acts against it, or to the exclusion of opinions the few dissenting members. Followed by a mutual acceptance of mutually accepted algorithms of relations. Mutual implementation - a concerted action concerning implementation, integration of a process in a certain system, by mutual agreement and understanding, and then using the benefits of implementation, creating the features of the mutual sharing and other actions for both sides. For example: you can easily get a product or service from a user of the system, rather than a third-party rights. And the more you will attract other users into the system of out of the circle, where you receive the goods or service, the easier it will be to you to interact with them using the system
  • Why should we trust this site?
    In this case, nobody demands the trust of the user. Trust is a private decision of each person. The essence of the system is not built on creating and instilling the confidence. The system operates based on self-use by the User of all the options of the site with the subsequent decision to trust or not to trust. Members carry out their own payments. The system is protected by well-proven cryptographic algorithms, similar to those that are used in online banking. Network remains secure, even if not all of its users to be trusted.
  • So, it appears that you should insert real money into the system, it will become virtual, but it is impossible to make them real again?
    In our life, we constantly deal with real and unreal money. Real money are those that you can touch, unreal are those that you can think of, see in dreams, in the picture, in the movies, etc. ... as well as e-money, Web Money, RBK Money, Yandex money, bitcoin, PayPal, Easy Pay, OKPAY , QIWI, Money @ Mail.Ru In any case, we handle both real and virtual money. Some money are always remained in the virtual sense. And actually we don’t need this part to be real. System enables us to insert real money in it, but also we can get them back out of the system via various ways. For example, we can buy real products, and other items of consumer goods and services in online shops, websites, service-providing services, either by natural exchange of virtual or real funds between users. And also, when you sell the excessed ID Card back to the system. In addition, the system provides for the transition of virtual funds in real ones, through the organization of points of cashing in" by user, which are based on their own algorithms. It means that the system will not lose any funds without user intervention."
  • What is the counter?
    This is the number of applications to the real ID Card of system, the issuance of which will be implemented from 2016. It will have a number chosen by you out of the available categories or the system-defined number.
  • What does the real ID Card of system do?
    The main function of ID Card of system is an identification and verification of the user in front of third parties and systems. Providing of accurate information about the User upon presentation to anyone of their data, or while reading the Card reader, which are used in the world. Besides using the ID Card of the system, you can pay for some services (utility, service, insurance, home), integrated into the system and hosted ID Card system of
  • What information is available?
    All information about the user, that is made available by the user himself. It is mandatory for organizations to demand all the things that should be necessary in the preparation of ID Card of the system. All data are carefully verified.
  • What if it will be faked?
    In the case of an actual ID Card of the system it is not possible for the reason that the verification process does not allow to make false data. In addition, there is no need for rigging, as the system provides for the registration of Anonymous virtual card, where the user can specify nothing, even provide a false email during registration. By that, User restricts the degree of trust of other users and third parties, and cannot get the real ID Card.
  • Who can be a member
    Everybody. People, companies, public funds, organizations.... system is built as participants in a society, based on social relationships. Each user has the right to choose whom to be - the anonymous, the open, the company, or simply act as the ID number issued by the system or selected by him himself. The system can present the user in the form in which it is possible in this system. It all depends on the degree of confidence, which he wants to have in the system.
  • How to add money to the balance?
    Through the payment system on the website, under top-up in your profile.
  • Is it difficult to make a payment or the transfer of funds?
    Payments are very easy to implement and do not require any training and knowledge. Making payments by credit card is much easier and does not require opening a bank account. In the case of payments between the Users, the payments are made through a user's profile by entering a number ID Card of the system, or other recipient data. The transfer within the system is instantaneous and falls on the user's balance. In the case of payment for goods and services, integrated with the system, payments are provided for the procedure in these systems.
  • What are the advantages of this system?
    The biggest advantage is the fact that there are elements of social networking in the system of . User's fun to be in the society of friends and unfamiliar people, companies from different countries and representatives of different nationalities. You can get a lot of news from different countries, communicating with the world in different languages. Keep abreast of developments in the world of technology, politics, and society in general. And to share everything that is stored in the system.
    In the whole staff of companies can work using the usual system of sending messages, files, and documents. In addition, in chat rooms it is possible to communicate with an unlimited number of users in multiple languages. Forums, different sections on the site will create a comfortable work. All is here. It is not necessary anymore, as it used to be, to go from one email account to another, then to chat or forum in other systems. All is united in one place and.
    Absolute freedom of payments. Ability to send or receive any money, instantly anywhere in the world at any time. There are no concepts of delays, bank days and holidays. There are no restrictions. The user has full control over his money.
    Opportunity to expand the business, communication, markets ... all the things that occur in a large modern international society. Everyone wants to implement his plans. The system allows to realize it materially by the financial activity and morally by passing the path to fame, using the stage Top 1000, Top 100, Top 10, and the effective recognition of Members of The American Dream - where dreams are realized, by the society, which is able to implement it."
  • What are the disadvantages of the system?
  • Могу ли я заработать тут?
    Yes you can, and exactly in the same way as if you were working in the community. Here there are much more opportunities for self-realization, as there is an opportunity to communicate with users from different countries. And all of them, just like you have an inner attitude of readiness to seek new forms of livelihood and self-realization.
    The itself is a platform for business opportunities, without exception of the associated risks. It all depends on you, as well as in the ordinary life. There is no guarantee that you can earn here. The system has just started its launch and life. It all depends on the user, and the part of the system they will be able to implement, integrate, and use at home. There are many different ways to make the system, for example, resale of numbers, and sale of services or launch of new business projects. All of these methods are highly competitive and in some cases, have no guarantees of income. Proper assessment of the costs and risks that accompany such projects rests solely with the User.
  • Is it legal?
    Everything that is not forbidden is allowed. While on this point, there is no clear limit, despite the fact that the system is integrated into the legal payment systems. In real life, there is no daily limit on the use of money on legal or illegal purpose. You may think that the system is most attractive to criminal elements due to confidentiality and irrevocable payments. We should note that wire transfers, other social networks, and other systems do not exclude such a possibility too. In any network, you can use a false e-mail address, photo, and contact information. It all depends on the person. Banking systems, money, and credit cards - this is a perfect product of human civilization. System in any case does not exceed any one of them. The user therefore has the right to decide how to dispose of the opportunities that they can find on system because of its reliability on the contrary may protect users from attacks, and many crimes. The system does not contribute to the prevention and management does not preclude criminal investigations.
  • Can the site collapse?
    Yes of course. This is the same site as all other. No site is guaranteed against failure. Hacking technologies are developing as progressively as the protection against them. Whole virtual empires can be destroyed with competent hacker attack. Therefore is a network of global harmony, network of management or irrational choice of alternatives, which will achieve aware of the results, that is, the decision-making. You decide to be in it or not.
  • is a scam? Maybe it's a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme?
    Ponzi scheme or pyramid is a fraudulent investment-operation that pays income to its investors from their own money or money from subsequent investors, rather than from the income earned by people leading your business. Ponzi schemes are designed to crumble at the last payments to investors when no new accession. has income from the sale of unique combinations of numbers, without building any Ponzi scheme, or a commitment to pay or any financial guarantees for the acquisition. Here fraudulent statement of income from investments is excluded. As is the case with other major currencies such as dollar, euro, yen, gold, etc., there are no guarantees for the preservation of purchasing power and exchange rates move freely. This leads to price volatility, in which users can purchase unpredictable and lose money. All depends on the mutual transactions. In addition to reselling, rooms for cards, also the payment system, with healthy and competitive properties that are used by thousands of users and companies.
  • What happens if I get a payment when my computer is turned off?
    Everything will be fine. You will see the transfer of money in the next time you log in to your profile. In fact, the money is not given to a profile on your computer but are added to a bank account. If you send payment, and if you are not in your profile after you open it, the system will load the transaction blocks and you will see all the transactions that are not yet known. Money on your balance will appear as if they have just been received. You cannot transfer money or pay for goods or services, if you are not in your profile. All operations are possible only with the profile.
  • What are these cards? And what do they give?
    This is not a card but a notification of different category of ID Card system, they order to facilitate the search, but also differentiate between different categories of users. Some cards offer advantages in frequency of impressions. They can sell, donate, put up for auction. The card itself has a special unique combination of numbers, depending on which, it is divided into categories Daimond, Platinum, Gold. Each ID Card in this category has its own value, which is almost never below the purchased price. Accordingly, it is a form of investment, a small business, if you resell them. You can buy cheaper and more expensive to sell the interests of users or simply assign your ID Card number or lucky number, for example: 888 for a Chinese means wealth. Earlier we have talked about them. Perhaps in future certain priority will be given to integrated systems.
  • It turns out that these cards have a difference only in the site. What about the real ID MyNumer cards? How do they look like?
    These ID MyNumer card, which will be issued after verification of system validation, look as follows.