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Mayans Religion

  • October 28, 2018 11:13 PM +06

    Maya religion was practically based on a body of beliefs and concepts about supernatural powers about life and the universe. The Mayans had a lot of private rituals and public ceremonies. For them, rituals were part of everyday life. Community rituals were small and quiet, but public ceremonies were run by kings with hundreds of thousands of people. The ceremony could last for several days and nights. The ceremony added with celebrations with music, dancing, feasting, and drinking. 


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    Mayan sacrifices were also very common in life. Food, small birds, and animals were sacrificed to the gods. Usually not, but in the most sacred rituals, human sacrifices happened. 

    Mayan gods were worshiped and respected a lot. The most important god was Itzamna, god of fire who created Earth. He was also ruler of heaven, day, and night. It is believed he gave the Mayans their writing and their calendar. Another god was Kukulcan, a powerful snake god whose name means feathered serpent. He is often drawn to look like a dragon. The third god was Bolon Tzacab, also known as Huracan. (Huracan sounds similar to hurricane!) His name represents the god of storms and wind. He caused a very big flood when the Mayans angered the gods. The last god was Chaac, got of rain and lightning. It is believed he had a lightning axe to strike the clouds to produce rain and lightning. There were more gods, but these are the most important. There were goddesses as well.


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    Music was also important to the Mayans. They made musical instruments out of clay. Their percussion instruments were made of wood, turtle shells, bone rasps, guard rattles, etc. Wind instruments were trumpets made from conch shells, whistles, and ocarinas. Flutes were made of fired clay or wood. 

    The Mayan religion was very sacred and holy kept. It was a very serious topic in their life. 

    When the Spanish conquered Mesoamerica, Mayan religion changed as they got introduced to Christianity, the Spanish religion back then. The Spanish and the Mayans never really got along. To the Spain people, Mayan priests were working for the devil, so they got killed or driven underground to die. 

    Basically, after the Spanish arrived, Mayan life changed forever. Mayan temples were destroyed, public ceremonies were banned, people were killed, etc. The Maya was almost ruined because of their religion, but they kept their religion as more and more Mayans died. 

    People ran away from the Spanish and became refugees in deep forests. The Spanish didn’t put an attempt to find and kill them, they didn’t really care as long as the Mayans were gone forever. For some reason, the Spanish hated the Mayans and their religion. But the Mayans were firm, and kept their religion still after Spanish took over Maya. 

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