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10 Least Destructive Dog Breeds

  • February 23, 2023 11:49 AM +06

    Many people around the globe suffer from different psychological disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other related anomalies. Often people go to therapists, psychologists, or friends to find warmth and make themselves comfortable. Emotional support animals are used for such patients who suffer due to these issues because they are a good source for providing emotional stability. They provide people with undivided attention and show a great deal of love and this leads to the development of good bonding between them.


    Several studies have shown that an ESA dog is a good source of stress relievers because they unconditionally love their owners and provide comfort to them. This deepens the bond between them and leads to increased dopamine levels. Dogs are considered man’s best friend because they emit a sense of loyalty, friendliness, and protection for their owners. Like other emotional support animals, dogs can sense the mood shift of their owners and thus playfully engage with them to help them calm down. Cats are also stated to be good for this reason as well but this blog shall focus only on dogs since they are the center of our attention.


    Emotional stability plays an important role in an individual’s life because it allows one to perform their daily life tasks effectively, however, there is no shame in admitting the fact that people sometimes suffer emotional distress since the human mind is prone to negative thoughts and fails to keep a check on them due to overloaded activities. Dogs play an important role here since they help in mitigating negative thoughts from their owners through their carefree and playful nature.


    Emotional support animals are not allowed in many places therefore a realesaletter is required for them since they are different from service animals. Service animals are trained to assist their owners with their disabilities whereas ESA animals are recommended by psychologists and therapists. This recommendation is often based on the final psychological results of the patients. It is suggested that people should get their ESA letters written by their doctors so that their animals could enjoy the benefits that come with it.


    Many researchers have stated that it is better for people to have emotional support animals as this enables them to cope with their internal conflicts. For example, if someone suffers from a bad day at university or the office due to burnout then the friendly nature of their pet will make them forget their worries for a moment as this will shift their attention. When people have ESAs with them, they have to take care of them. This leads to developing good habits in the owner which are consistent.


    Owners come to care for their pets and treat them as one of their own therefore they are responsible for taking care of them. They make sure to schedule their time in a way so that their pet gets a considerate amount of attention from them, therefore it is necessary to have an emotional support animal letter for housing to keep them in the homes or apartments so that landowners may not cause disturbance in a later time.


    Dogs have been man’s best friend since the beginning of time. Many folklores and tales make mention of their friendship and this is a proven fact. It is important to know that dogs are divided into categories and each category has its uniqueness, however, it should be kept in mind that all dogs are capable of being tamed by their owners. Different categories such as protection dogs, service dogs, hunting dogs and emotionally supporting dogs. Each category constitutes a specific number of breeds. This blog shall discuss the 10 least destructive breeds. 

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    Following are some of the least destructive dog breeds:


    Pugs: They are small and super friendly with adorable faces. They love anyone around them and would follow their owners anywhere.


    Beagle: Beagles are mischievous family dogs who enjoy a lot of attention. They are pack hunters and love to engage in playful activities and have a good amount of energy. They are compassionate, and loving and depict warmth towards their owners due to their cheerful nature. They like to be rough and tough, which makes them protective of their owners.


    Border Collie: Also known as the Parrado of the k-9 world. They are gentle dogs with strong will and have excellent skills for imposing their will on sheep which makes them a good choice for sheepherders. They are good to have in the family with energetic members since collies are energetic themselves.


    Irish setters: Irish setters are also known as gun dogs. Their red color depicts their vibrant personality and they have a friendly yet spunky attitude toward their owner. They need a great deal of companionship and do not thrive well if they are left alone.


    Newfoundland: This breed is humongous in size as compared to other house dogs but is friendly and calm. They show tolerance towards little children and can be protective of them. They have life-saving instincts and care deeply for their owners


    Boston Terrier: This breed is also used for therapeutic purposes because of its loving nature. They thrive on lots of attention and are capable of forming bonds with other animals.


    Cavalier King Charles: This breed is gentle and sweet with an adorable face. They are extremely helpful for therapeutic purposes due to their gentle nature. This breed has deep roots etched with the history of the united kingdom as many monarchs used to have them. They love to nap for long times and also cuddle on soft pillows


    Poodles: Poodles are intelligent and trainable dogs. They are gentle, proud, swift, clever, and elegant. They are good family dogs with a compassionate nature. It bonds quickly with the members of the family and is super friendly.


    Labrador Retriever: Labrador retrievers are loved because of their patient temperament and protective nature. They are friendly, active, and reliable. These dogs due to their warm nature are also considered good service animals.


    Golden Retrievers: These are working dogs and amazing family dogs due to their intelligent and friendly nature. They don’t show any sign of aggression and therefore like to dwell on the companionship of the family.

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