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The 5 Most Destructive Dog Breeds In The World

  • February 23, 2023 11:48 AM +06

    There are various mental health issues that people are going through such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, and suicidal tendencies. The government, researchers, and the general public are looking for ways to provide relief to such people. Some medications and therapy sessions are recommended for mentally and emotionally troubled people. However, there is also the role of emotional support animals. The dogs can act as emotional support for psychologically distressed people.


    There is a legal procedure regarding ESA animals. For your dog to be called an emotional support animal, you need to have a real esa letter. Without this letter, you cannot claim all the benefits associated with the ESA. Most importantly, you should make a proper choice while adopting your ESA dog. Some dog breeds are highly destructive in the house. Here is a list of those dogs.




    Collie is known to be ruthless at chewing things. Whether it is trainers, skirting boards, or table legs, Collies chew them all. It is one of the smartest dogs with sharp senses. Nevertheless, it sometimes becomes a problem when it does not stop at chewing almost everything. You can indeed mould your dogs with effective training. Collie, however, is very difficult to train against chewing.




    Labradors are adorable but they often urinate wherever they like. This means that you would have a tough time maintaining a neat and clean home. Some people can discipline them through rigorous training. However, this complaint against Labradors is quite common. If you can live with it for the sake of the emotional support aspect of Labrador, then it should be fine with you.




    Greed is the quality most associated with humans. However, Beagle has this quality among animals when it comes to eating. They steal anything they feel like eating. They usually cause havoc in the kitchen, turning everything upside down. Sometimes they become a source of headache for the owner. Despite all that, people like to keep them and love them because they are a source of emotional relief for the owners.


    Staffordshire Bull Terriers


    These are known for breaking things in the house. If there are any expensive ornaments in the house, you would be well-advised to not keep them in the open. They break glasses, dishes and everything that comes their way. You can discipline them to some extent through effective training. However, they just love breaking things. Some people are so desperate for emotional support that they endure all this havoc in the house.


    Shih Tzu


    They just keep digging and digging. It looks like they are always in search of some hidden treasure. If you are not watching them, then they might spoil the beauty of your garden. They are very cute which makes the owner tolerate their destructive behaviour. After all, people need some emotional and mental stability that these dogs provide.


    Difference Between Pet and ESA


    Pets are not necessarily for emotional support. On the other hand, ESA animals are legally and socially recognized as the ones providing emotional and mental support to the owners. In addition, you cannot claim rights and benefits for your pets. Having an ESA, however, allows you to have those rights and benefits. Some people keep the pet for emotional support without getting an emotional support animal letter. It is your therapist that can provide you with that letter.


    Benefits of Having an ESA


    Emotional support animals come with various benefits for the owners. You do not have to pay an accommodation fee for your ESA if you have a realesaletter for housing. These additional benefits reflect the fact that emotionally troubled individuals should not go through financial burdens. It is admirable that federal and state authorities have provided these benefits.


    Furthermore, you can have unrestricted access to almost all places for your ESA animal. No one can separate you from your ESA animal. Some airliners also allow ESA animals to travel with their owners. All these benefits ensure that you are not deprived of the company of your ESA animal. Some people get anxious and worried when they are separated from their ESA. Without all these benefits, emotionally distressed people cannot have constant support from their emotional support animals.


    Some Illegalities


    Some illegalities have been observed in the process of ESA letter issuance. Some therapists do not stay true to their job and provide ESA letters to those who do not even need them. In addition, some online platforms are awarding fake ESA letters. People often fall prey to these frauds and end up receiving fake documentation. This creates problems for them when they claim benefits through fake letters. There should be a strict regulatory mechanism by the authorities to check these illegal activities.




    Mental health issues make it difficult for people to lead their life. This necessitates the presence of ESAs in their life. However, some ESA dogs are quite destructive in the house. They cause havoc in the house, making living a little tough. People often tolerate their behaviour due to the dog's emotional service. They try to check such destructive behavioural tendencies of their ESA through effective training. You should make the most suitable choice while adopting your ESA animal. Your therapist is the best person to help you regarding the choice of your ESA. If you do not have a therapist, you should consult one after verifying his or her credentials.