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Executive Resumes

Executive Resumes

Executive resumes cannot be rushed and a good professional will expect several days notice to prepare your resume. Executive resumes also provide a more comprehensive analysis of your skills as they relate to quantifiable accomplishments. Executive resumes are often two to three pages long. More length is less important in an executive resume because at the executive level, employers are giving your resume more than just a glance.

Executive resume formatting has changed. They will get the best results with a 2-page resume spotlighting statements of value presented in easily accessible and digestible bites.

executive resumeExecutive summary in a resume are written for high-level management fields like CEO, Director etc. It contains overall experiences. Executive resumes are traditionally longer and more detailed than other resumes, and they tend to focus more on major accomplishments and awards. If you have led your group or company to some success, this is an item that is perfect for an executive financial resume.

Executive resumes are usually two or more pages because of the sheer breadth of a candidate’s experience. However, a modern resume should be only as long as it needs to be to contain the data relevant to the current job search. It's unwise to expand a one-page resume to two pages to meet an arbitrary page length, just as it is to cram a two-page document onto one page, reducing white space and font size to such an extent that the finalized document is hard to read and not aesthetically pleasing.