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Maid of Honor Speech Writing - 4 Tips That Would Definitely Wor

The long-awaited time when your friend, dressed in a white dress, gets married. Undoubtedly, the preparation itself takes a lot of time and effort. Some couples prefer to trust the pre-wedding efforts to professional wedding managers. But still, most of them accept help from friends, primarily from the maid of honor.

This troublesome, but still overly pleasant and exciting burden of the maid of honor, which the best friend has allotted on her, imposes certain obligations. Of course, you will help the newlyweds in organizing their celebrations more than the other guests, and also take an active part in it. This also implies you will say when you raise a glass in honor of the newlyweds.

The most touching and beautiful toast is expected from the maid of honor, so it is highly recommended to prepare in advance. It is not necessary to search for words on the Internet and memorize them. It is much nicer when there is a personal moment in the greeting when the bride realizes that these words are addressed to her and written for her. This is some advice for you:

Maid of honor speech needs to be prepared long before the wedding. It lasts for a long time and must have touching and funny moments. You can tell the story of acquaintance with the bride or a couple of funny cases with her participation, but only those that do not offend the bride.
If there is a poetic talent, you can write congratulations in verses, remake famous works, or come up with a poem with humor.

Humor may be present in the toast, but it should be not only funny, but also pleasant. The more sincerity and tenderness will be heard in the words of the maid of honor, the more interesting and memorable will be the congratulation.

Make good work with the speech!
Out of respect for the guests, one must remember that brevity is the soul of wit. It is desirable to think about the speech details in advance, and if necessary, rehearse.

Be careful with the verses! You can pick up someone else's poems, but certainly high-quality and literate. If there is inspiration - write yourself. Or redo the lines of famous poets, or maybe a song. Such a rush will be appreciated by the entire wedding.

Speech in prose as well can look spectacular. In your own words does not mean simply. That speech sounds good, in which every word is in its place. Try not to repeat what has already been before.

Add a new twist to the wedding celebration. Well, if you, as a friend, tell something touching or ridiculous about the bride, remember how you have studied together, gone hiking and dancing. Thank the parents for raising a good friend for you, and the groom for a wonderful bride. Refer to the groom, because today he marries your best friend and you do care how the family life of the newly-made couple will develop.

Congratulating the newlyweds on such a wonderful event as a wedding, the maid of honor should use as many warm and kind words as possible. After all, the best congratulation is that comes from the depths of the soul. The main thing is not to be afraid to publicly say a congratulatory speech, and then the performance will be thoughtful, clear and remembered by the heroes of the occasion and the wedding guests for a long time.