You are the primary character? I'm the principle character!

feelings! Or feelings!
As a child for your animation, "Digimon" For us the late 1980s and early childhood 90 this group of people is just too important, additionally it is the impact is just too big great. Its complete world view, a transparent story, each character Digimon Masters Online Gold distinct protagonists along with their companions, people ignite one's body of OP, even on today, it is usually a rare good works. And its peripheral products including cards, digital monster, small toys, etc., inside era of intelligent machines hasn't been occupied bring us many good memories. The first DMO Gold generation is often the most intimate (This is just not to say nonsense it? If the primary part sucks, then there could well be no second part!). As the 1st generation of Agumon and Gabumon image quite classic, its rate of appearance and justly forefront, and then have an impact of some Digimon settings.