Preserve the memory of your motherhood forever

An adventure of a lifetime: Motherhood

Motherhood is a whirlwind of surreal experiences, and the joys of it are overwhelming. Finding out that you are pregnant can bring out a whole array of emotions and feelings. The morning sickness, sore back and feet, and all the other shenanigans makes it very difficult and exhausting, and all of these charades takes a toll on the new mommies to be.  Even though it’s a herculean task in itself, there are a plethora of things to love about being pregnant; like when you discover that you are pregnant it’s kind of like your own little secret from the world is a strange but a lovely feeling; when you hear their little heart beat for the very first time; when you see their little arms and legs for the first time in an ultrasound;  the “oh-so-raved-about” pregnant glow and many more innumerable instances of little bits of happiness that mums-to-be encounter.


9Me, keeping the Pride of Motherhood alive.   

The essence of these precious and incomparable moments cannot be relived through mere two dimensional photographs or videos, and with each passing day more and more people are looking for eccentric and exciting ways to preserve their memories. A company based in Kolkata, 9Me specializes in making personalized 3D miniature figurines for expectant mothers, these miniature clone figurines are made with utmost care and detailing, with respect to accurate size and ratio and excessive detailing in the textures and color.  Miniature and personalized 3D-crafted figurines are a relatively new idea in the industry, and it’s a fast growing concept which is gaining quite a following, 9Me elevated the idea and presented us with an innovative way to preserve the essence of gestation in a handcrafted, miniature 3D figurine, in ceramic finish. 9me helps you to preserve your memory in a unique way.