9Me is a company based in Kolkata, India which specializes in making 3D crafted personalized miniature figurines of expectant moms-to-be. The joy of motherhood is unparalleled and to save and preserve those precious moments through something more than a mere photograph is wonderful, 9Me provides a unique way to preserve your beautiful memories of motherhood which will last you a lifetime. 9Me captures every detail with absolute perfection accordance to size, measurements and coloring, creating a lifelike miniature 9Me sculpture with brilliant sandstone finishing which is crafted thoroughly through the company’s cutting age technology. 

With a team of their experienced professionals,   you can also get your own 9ME with these three very easy steps:

  1.  Fix an appointment with them 
  2. Get yourself scanned;   it can be at their studio or at your home.
  3. Your perfect 3D crafted miniature clone will be delivered to your doorstep within 14 days after completing the scan.


Mrs. Arti Sadnani, a happy and satisfied customer of 9Me has provided the testimony of her experience saying “This is a lifetime memory and with my 9Me I can preserve this forever.”  Various other positive testimonies all over the company’s site are a solid proof of the company’s success in the 3D miniature   sculpture industry. With technological advancement, photographs and videos are not the only popular medium to keep preserve memories forever, 3D scanned figurines are a new and fun way to keep our precious moments with us for life. Even with the tremendous competition in the 3d scanned sculpture industry,  the innovative and unique concept of 9Me to entirely focus on expecting mothers is new and rather exciting, their customers are amazed at the brilliant detailing and accurateness of the 3D sculptures, and how life like they are.