Reading, a secret to wonderland passed from generation to gener

In the age of Playstation and Youtube, for kids reading books is identified as time consuming and sometimes even “boring” , but as we all know the impact reading had and still has on humanity can’t be replaced with anything else. Reading to the mind is what exercising is to the body.


Reading has inexhaustible amount of benefits, some are listed below:

  1.  Reading expands your vocabulary
  2.  Strengthens your memory
  3.  Builds your perception
  4. Cultivates your knowledge
  5. Promotes improved focus and concentration
  6. Revamps your writing skills


Explaining all that to a kid is practically futile, what can be done is helping them cultivate the habit of reading while keeping them interested at the same time.

  1. Read to them from everyday, if you make reading a daily routine to your child, it’s likely that s/he will grow up looking forward to reading.
  2. Make reading enjoyable by using interactive books, just like the personalized custom made books offered by Star & Read, they make custom made books starring your child so that reading becomes more enjoyable than it was ever before. When your child will see themselves in the book that they are reading it will peak their interest and books won’t be boring for them anymore.
  3. Expose them to a variety of genres, ones about magic and wonder, one which teaches humanity and kindness,  ones with problem solving, ones, ones with mystery and suspense, also the ones which will make them laugh and teach them lessons and make them coming back for more.
  4. Take them to the local library. Libraries are a treasure pile for children, with infinite amount of books to reading, certain libraries also have a dedicated reading space for children where children can interact with each other and share their stories.
  5. Let them choose what they want to read. Don’t force books on them, let them choose on their own, that way they will develop their own taste and interest in books.