Tips to Remain Fit while Working in Shifts

Eating and exercise habits are bound to become compromised when you are working shifts. It is more likely that you will skip your meals and eat unhealthy foods. Moreover, your ‘internal clock’ will be at odds with the external clock as you will no longer be able to maintain regular habits. You are thus putting yourself at a much greater risk of weight gain and heart disease. What, then, is the solution? (Information credit: GetSavvi Health)


  • Keep a constant supply of healthy foods

Tired and sleepy people tend to consume unhealthy foods more than others. Ensure that your refrigerator is filled with fresh fruit and raw vegetables like baby carrots. Dried fruits like raisins are a great source of energy. So if you do not have the time to cook too often, you could eat these instead of eating junk food. You should also consider eating wild rice, brown rice, and rolled oats as these are ‘slow burning’ foods which will sustain you for longer periods.


  • Cook before leaving for your shift

Try cooking before leaving for work because you may be tired at the end of your shift and not feel like cooking. You can also freeze portions of healthy meals for easy access when you do not have the time to prepare anything.


  • Avoid fast food and junk food

Cut down your intake of junk food, especially late at night. Increase your consumption of proteins to stay alert. Take your own meals to work to prevent the urge to purchase fast foods from restaurants or take-out counters.


  • Eat small, frequent meals

Take small bites and eat slowly. This way you will not feel heavy or sluggish. Heavy meals, on the other hand, have more calories which will make you feel tired while working. Therefore, try to eat small amounts of light food.


  • Make time to eat

Even if it is difficult to maintain a fixed schedule, do try to eat at regular intervals. If you are eating very late at night, then stick to a regular diet. During your shift, take some time out to eat. Avoid eating while working in front of your computer as it would only be mindless snacking.


  • Cut caffeine consumption

Shift workers have the habit of drinking cup after cup of coffee. Consumption of caffeine to keep awake is addictive and not a good health practice. Caffeine stays in the body for a long duration of time.


  • Keep up your fluid level

Carbonated drinks may seem to be the ideal solution when your energy levels are low but it will prove to be more harmful in the long run. It is better to drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices.


  • Exercise moderately

Many offices have a gym nowadays. You can burn your calories thereor do some simple regular exercises at home.


  • Sleep well

Doctors recommend sleeping eight hours at a stretch to stay fit. You are less likely to suffer from obesity.


You can maintain a healthy lifestyle while working in shifts, now that you’re armed with these helpful tips.