Top 4 Types of Scaffolding in the Construction Industry

In the construction of any manmade structure, scaffolding plays an important role. It not only provides support to materials as well as worker in the construction, but also helps in repair as well as maintenance of bridges, buildings and other structures. It also makes sure that there is a safe and easy movement of workers around the construction sites. With the help of scaffolding, workers get to access any height that is required for their work. With the use of scaffoldings, the risk of damages as well as accidents at the construction sites can be reduced to a great extent. Here in this article, different types of scaffolding are discussed. (Information credit:


There are different types of scaffolding structures available that are suitable for different purposes, based on the requirement. Amongst them, some are most frequently used in the construction industry, read below to know more.

1.    Supported scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is one of the most common types of scaffoldings that are used in construction work. Supported scaffolding works great in places where materials as well as workers are required to be elevated. Scaffolding is not only safe and easy to use, but it is very economical at the same time. If you want to carry a heavy weight, then you can use scaffolding, as it provides an extra support. There are two platforms in supported scaffolds that are supported by frames, posts, legs, upright, brackets, poles, beams and any other rigid support. This can be regarded as the safest as well as the easiest form of scaffolding.

2.    Suspended scaffolding

The structure of this kind of scaffolding is of the suspended variety. Generally, they are suspended from a roof or a tall construct. There are cases when it becomes difficult to build a base. This is when these types of scaffolding structures are used. If workers need to have access to upper levels of a high rise building, where they cannot reach from the ground level, then they make use of this type of scaffolding.

3.    Rolling scaffolding

As rolling scaffolding has carter wheels on the base, workers can use it to move around freely. Without reassembling or deconstructing stress, workers can move the scaffolding from one place to another. Before they start working on the rolling scaffolding, the wheels are locked. This way, the structure is held secured at a place. And this is what makes working on the rolling scaffolding secure and safe.

4.    Aerial lifts or platforms

If a part of a construction site is difficult to reach, then aerial lifts or platforms can be used. With these platforms, workers can access different levels of construction with ease. Vehicle-mounted aerial platforms and vehicle-mounted aerial lifts are some of the most common types aerial lifts that has telescopic and rotating boom.


In conclusion, it can be said that workers must be very careful while using scaffold. They should always make sure that they follow the safety rules.