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The FUT experience is based on FIFA Mobile Coins

  • July 9, 2018 12:53 PM +06

    The FUT experience is based on FIFA Mobile Coins actual events. An improved performance of a player brings his statistics to grow then as in normal reality it is a world in constant development.

    Just how simple it is to know on FUT you do not become winners immediately, you have to grow and develop your staff. We always must concentrate on how best to improve our staff and
    how to become unbeatable.

    But let's proceed to the most important aspect of FUT or how to construct an invincible team. You'll need to buy the strongest players of this moment and this as in reality wants a great deal of money or Fifa 18 credits. To make Fifa 18 credits you must, play games on the internet and achieve game aims. All this obviously takes time.

    It is understandable that you can not always spend unlimited money on your own FIFA cards. Especially the Cheap FIFA Coins OTW cards, or even SiB, as they are called in German, are still a bit more expensive than the standard cards of these players and are a higher risk, because there is a possibility that they will not come into the FIFA 18 TOTW throughout the season hence the Ones to Watch card never gets better or much more costly.

    Let's take the prime example of Mohamed Salah: The Egyptian is currently playing Liverpool and shows the whole world what a fantastic footballer he is. At the beginning of the season, he obtained an OTW card that price"just" about 230,000 coins in the time, but has developed so radically in recent months that his card today has a score of 89 (before the winter updates ) and also this OTW is currently worth roughly 550,000 coins. For those who didn't pay close attention in math: that's an increase of almost 100%, so it's nearly doubled in value.